About Me

If you’ve come this far on my website,
it means you’re more or less interested in who I am and what I can offer you or your company. Great.

So, who am I?
To keep it short: Born in 1992, living in Ghent, speaking Dutch & English,
loving arts, gardening and rocket ice (especially the yellow stuff)

What are my main skills? I started as a graphic designer, and developed into a motion graphics and web designer.
I taught myself editing, video mapping and the trumpet.

Today? I am especially fascinated by the way applications and design
are able to solve problems in our everyday lives. So I was naturally drawn into UI (User Interface) design.
After working on several UI projects, I felt the need to develop a more in-depth knowledge of UX:
the how, where and why of user experience.

Anyway, this “about me” is more about you,
and what I can do to solve problems you may not even know how to put into words.